Does hookup culture leave you confused? Or are you embracing it with wild abandon?

What if one little book could help you sort out what hookup culture is all about and how to know what choices you want to make? What if you could feel more confident when going out? You get all this in less than thirty-five pages and for less than the cost of a fancy coffee!

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Hooking Up: A Sexy Encounter With Choice is an ebook for college students that helps you answer the question: what is right for me?

It takes you step-by-step through:

  • Understanding what hookup culture is and why the word “hookup” can be so vague
  • How to feel ok about not hooking up
  • How to stay safe on campus
  • What you should know before you hook up
  • And what choice is right for you


Siobahn Senior

“Overall, this book covers a wide range of subjects related to hookup culture in a concise way and also in a way that is still beneficial to any young woman worried about their sexuality in a culture where hooking up is becoming the norm and relationships aren’t. All of these things definitely still pertain to my life, and I think will continue to pertain to me after graduation, from what I hear from many of my friends. Hookup culture is everywhere these days!”

Caitlyn Junior

“Overall, I think the book is VERY relevant to younger girls just starting out as college freshman. … There definitely are pressures to go out and drink at MSU, especially for one who doesn’t impulsively want to do that kind of thing every other day. … My freshman self, walking to fraternities on Fridays and Saturdays wearing uncomfortable heels, could have definitely benefited from this book.”

Marla Junior

“The book is great. Coming from a more conservative background, I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t talk about my more conservative values around people in college besides my close friends. Even though I don’t judge people for their decisions, I often feel judged for mine. I liked that it states that whatever you choose, it’s okay. It’s really an eye-opener for girls in college, where there are a ton of mistakes to make, but also potential for good decisions.”